One Planet, One Plan

We are facing a climate crisis, and we urgently need to act now.

So, we’re asking global leaders and decision makers, what’s your plan?

Cities have proven time and again that when restricting private cars, local emissions can be reduced by 50%.

You cannot successfully fight climate change, or reach national targets, without addressing local emissions at the same time.

So if you, as decision makers, are serious about tackling air pollution and climate change, here’s your plan: ensure a modal shift to public transport and sustainable urban mobility modes.

This is not breaking news, so why are only 35% of the state actors involved in the Paris Agreement in 2015 including public transport as part of their climate action plans?

UITP is calling on global policy makers and national governments to recognise the major role public transport plays on both local air pollution and climate change (CO2).

In 2020, when national governments are expected to resubmit new climate action plans, there should be no exception: public transport MUST appear on EVERY plan.

We only have one planet, and we only need one plan
so what are you waiting for?

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